If Humanity Colonized Underwater, What Would Be Their Version Of Santa Claus?

While the possibility lurks with the colonization of the ocean floor, the scientific aspect is looked upon whereas the cultural aspect might not. Considering how the filmĀ Aquaman was recently released in the month of Christmas, I thought it would be interesting to observe how kids who live in the ocean domes would imagine Santa Claus.

Although, obviously it would be impossible for reindeer to swim underwater and the sleigh is never traditionally shown to have a protective glass dome, the possibility does occur that the mythologies of the present and the past might come together to form a mythology of the future. Basically, since Poseidon is the Greek god of the ocean and has been depicted in mosaics as riding a chariot yoked by half-horse-half-fish creatures called hippocamps, it would make sense to have Santa Claus ride his sleigh with half-reindeer-half-fish while of course having a protective dome in the cockpit of his sleigh.

Of course, hippocamps might either be susceptible to become prey by larger and/or deadlier sea creatures, or become invasive species. So, Santa Claus would need to deliver his presents to the children in a submarine-like craft, which can withstand water pressure. Since light attracts algae, scum, and other sea life that are attracted to it, the sleigh would need to have wipers that can dispose of them and sink to the bottom.

Just like the sleigh, the houses in the bottom would need to withstand the more than 1,000 pounds of water pressures that can exist near a kilometer below the surface. So, our young ocean-dweller would need to live in an underwater house design to be like a bunker, which is compacted enough to endure the pressure and prevent flooding.

Traditionally, Santa would live in the North Pole, but for the underwater version, Santa would have his domed workshop built under the Arctic ocean and into the dark ocean bottom where the blue whales’ songs can be heard.

The children in these domed underwater cities might not be privileged enough to receive a lot of gifts on Christmas, due to their parents working diligently, either working in subsurface ocean farming or extracting minerals in the Moho discontinuity. So every visit by Santa Claus would be special since the Christmas myth would travel down into the deep blue sea.


Image Attribution: Flickr

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