“The Life of Zamenhof,” by Aleksander Korzhenkov | Quintillion Ink-Strokes

Although Esperanto is bit of a niche language, it is still captivating how its creation by one man managed to be spread to millions of people. Plot Essentially, this is the biography of the inventor of the Esperanto language named L. L. Zamenhof. More specifically, it discussed his creation of the language from his earliest […]

Quintillion Ink-Strokes | “A Son of the Forest,” by William Apess

This is an autobiography published by William Apess in 1829. I read the electronic version from Archives.org. Plot It starts with an introduction into his family’s background. He had a white grandfather who married the daughter of the Pequot chief, King Phillip. It then gets into Apess’ early life of how he and his family […]

Quintillion Ink-Strokes | “An Upriver Passamaquoddy,” by Allen J. Sockabasin

If I were to sum up this book, I would say that it is a mixture of autobiography and Passamaquoddy Studies. Plot It is chronological, going from the founding of the Passamaquoddy village the author lived in to the author’s childhood to the author’s present time when writing. All the while, he gets into detail […]